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Kindergarten Readiness Info

What is Kindergarten Readiness?

Kindergarten readiness can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Schools provide different ways of assessing skills that they consider to be necessary to be ready for kindergarten e.g. writing their name, identifying numbers., identifying letters, etc. At SCI, we practice The Verbal Behavior Development Theory (Greer & Keohane, 2005; Greer & Ross, 2008; Greer & Speckman, 2009; Greer & Longano, 2009) which places emphasis not only on the specific skills children know entering into Kindergarten but how they learn and the ways in which they may learn new things once they are there. It is important that parents recognize that even though their child may be lacking certain ‘kindergarten readiness skills’, closing the gap between how their child is currently learning and performing and what is expected of them, is possible. Our model includes many tools that teachers use to help children succeed.

Our Kindergarten Readiness Program

Readiness is not about being ready to learn, children are learning every moment of every day, it’s the type of learning we are interested in, for example, can children learn through observing others, or learn the names of things simply from hearing language being spoken by others in their environment? We know that the types of language experiences that children receive at home and in the community make a significant contribution (Hart & Risley, 1995). We focus on providing a diverse range of experiences to help children learn in new and adaptive ways. We focus on expanding children’s interests so that their world and the things they’re interested in help them succeed educationally and socially.

Just because we teach something, doesn’t mean children are perceiving or picking up what we taught in the way intended. VBDT looks at milestones that children acquire as a result of experiences. When these milestones don’t happen on their own, there are tools teachers can use to make them happen and increase a child’s success within the educational environment and beyond.

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