• Work and train with Master’s and Doctorate level supervisors
  • Help address behavioral and learning deficiencies for children
  • Work in a team environment to better the lives of students
  • Have access to industry leading technology
  • Receive supervision hours towards BCBA training
  • Implement behavior and educational strategies based off of ABA principles
  • Work within a classroom environment


Child with building blocks

Coming in for a shift as a Teaching Assistant here at SCI will never involve any guesswork. As a Teaching Assistant, you will be responsible for talking with your lead teacher to discuss what activities or lessons will be taught that week so that you will know what to expect.

In the school you will have two options of start and end times to your day. If you start your day at 8am, which is about an hour before the kids begin arriving at around 9am, then you will typically leave at the end of the school day which is at 4pm. During the time before the children start filing into the school, you will help to prepare the class for the day. This means gathering materials needed for lessons, organizing toy areas and tables for learning, etc. If you start your day closer to when the kids begin arriving at 9am, then you will typically stay until 5pm. We have some children who stay after the school day is over for aftercare to accommodate those parents who aren’t able to get out of work early enough for pickup at 4pm. You will be looking after these children as well as cleaning up and organizing the classroom after the school day is over.

The school day is broken into two parts, morning session and afternoon session. To start each session, the Lead Teacher will conduct group circle time, which is an activity to get the morning or afternoon going for the students. This consists of going over things like the day of the week, the weather, what month and season it is, etc. It also involves group songs and other activities as well. This is a good opportunity for group participation for the children and, as a Teaching Assistant, you will be responsible for prompting when needed or for keeping the students on task and focused during this time.

Observation room

After group circle time, each teacher (both Lead Teacher and Teaching Assistants) will gather the students they are assigned to begin working with and bring them to a table to conduct lessons. These lessons will focus on academic skills like counting, writing, etc., while also incorporating learning opportunities for fine and gross motor skills, listening skills, functional communication skills, etc. Throughout the day, teachers will rotate children that they are working directly with while also facilitating group activities like arts and crafts or group songs. There will also be plenty of opportunity for the students to earn leisure time, which may involve playing with blocks or Legos, toys, playing in the obstacle course with friends, or even going to the nearby park if the weather permits it. The students will also have both a snack time during the day as well as a break for lunchtime at around 12pm. During these times it’s always good for teachers to take the opportunity for teaching communication skills, social skills, etc.

Throughout the week, there may be times where supervisors will come into the classroom to observe or to assist in training staff with certain teaching methods or new lessons for the students. Our supervisors at SCI are always very approachable and are more than willing to listen to any questions you may have, as well as ideas that may help the class time flow better and more efficiently.


SCI is always looking for talented individuals who love children and love watching them succeed. 

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